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Welcome to Cyberia, a post-climate collapse world where a diverse group of characters, people, store owners, and other adventurers have sought refuge around one of the digital oasises, giving rise to a bustling marketplace. Amidst the endless ocean of sand and ruins from the previous internet age, the Bazaar stands as a beacon of hope and community. Built on a spring oasis, the Bazaar is home to a variety of stalls and shops run by all sorts of interesting characters, including a public domain literary characters.

As you explore the Bazaar, you may encounter hints and glimpses of the lore and mythology of Cyberia, whispered by the NPCs in the shops. You may also discover that people who purchase stalls in the Bazaar become characters in the world of Cyberia, with their own stories and experiences to share. And throughout the land, various gods are worshipped by the people of Cyberia, each with their own unique stories and traditions.

-So, Internet Adventurer come and explore the Bazaar, and see what stories and treasures await you in the world of Cyberia-

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